Dr. Karen Munkacy, President & CEO.

We’re so glad you’re visiting our website.

As a physician, mother and breast cancer survivor, I welcome you to the Garden Remedies website. It’s where you can learn about a proven way to overcome the pain you or a loved one may be feeling—for any number of debilitating illnesses and injuries.

When I had cancer, I was so nauseated and exhausted from chemotherapy that I missed big milestones in my children’s lives, like reading my two-year-old bedtime stories, or being there for my daughter’s senior year of high school. My children and I will never get those moments back. But one thing that would have made a huge difference is if I’d had a way to alleviate the unpleasant side effects of the treatments I was receiving.

Medical marijuana would have been the ideal answer…if it had been legal (and I’d been willing to use it) at the time. I know that now. The good news is that today, the highest-quality medical marijuana is available to you in Massachusetts—and is legal, safe and effective. I invite you to get the relief you’ve been seeking, at Garden Remedies.