How to Vaporize the Cannabis Flower

Want all of the benefits of a cannabis flower, but don’t want to smoke? Many people choose to vaporize it.


Unlike smoking, vaporizing cannabis doesn’t typically produce the overwhelming rush of intoxication that can result from smoking the THC-dominant flower. Rather, people describe vaporizing as a “thinner.” They also report that it’s much easier to control the dose or microdose with a vape.

Most vaporizers also have heat settings that allow you to choose the temperature of your device, which determines the compounds you consume. For example, if the device is at its lowest heat setting, you will probably consume more terpenes than cannabinoids. Being able to select what compounds you consume allows you to better control your experience.

Boiling points:

THC — Starts boiling off at 315℉

CBD — Starts boiling off at 320-360℉

Terpenes — Boiling points range from 212℉ and 340℉

Many sources report that vaporizing may be better for your health than smoking, as it allows you to consume cannabis without inhaling any of the carcinogenic byproducts that come along with combustion.


Want to start vaporizing? Consider a few suggestions we’ve heard:

+      Grind your plant material very fine. This will increase surface area and likely allow you to get the most out of your vaporization experience.

+      Starting on the lowest heat setting to get a feel for how the vaporizer works is something many people suggest. If you are not getting much vapor, you can simply increase the heat.

+      While the experience felt from vaporizing is often not as intense as smoking, it can still deliver quite a psychoactive experience, so you may want to take it slow, and microdose at first.