Our Products

Garden Remedies offers a full range of medical marijuana products that are designed to bring relief to patients for many debilitating and/or painful medical conditions.

All of our products are grown using organic methods at our cutting-edge cultivation facility in central Massachusetts, where our team of experts oversees every phase of the cultivation process.

At all times, these specialists exceed the exacting growing protocols and testing standards of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and ensure our products are always 100% compliant.

Product selection

Patients of Garden Remedies have a wide array of medical marijuana strains, infused products to choose from at our dispensary:

Product Limits

One ounce limit per patient per visit on flower as supplies last.  

Flower Strains- 

  • Bruce Banner:   A powerful sativa strain whose effects come on quickly. Patients report effects settle into euphoria and creativity. Medicated sensations most evident in the head, but also provides body relaxation and pain relief that make it an appropriate daytime medication.  (THC: 0.3% THCA: 18.4% CBD: 0.3%)
  • Bubba Kush:   An indica strain with mellowing, euphoric sensations. It has sweet flavors with subtle, earthy notes on the palate. Patients have reported its application to pain and stress relief.   (THC: 0.3% THCA: 21.5% CBD: 0.1%) 
  • Chem 4:   An indica-dominant hybrid with an earthy, citrus flavor that can clear the mind and ease stress. Patients report its use in treatment for stress and depression.   (THC: 0.5% THCA: 27.5% CBD: 0.3%)
  • Cornbread:   Effects typically begin euphoric and uplifting while clearing the mind. This indica strain has a very fragrant citrus taste with floral undertones and a pungent finish. Patients have reported it to treat insomnia, stress and increase appetite.   (THC: 1.0% THCA: 22.5% CBD: 0.3%)
  • Commerce City Kush:   With a mild fruity and zesty flavor, this indica hybrid provides with euphoric relaxation when medicating. Patients reporting using this strain for pain and inflammation reduction.   (THC: 0.5% THCA: 24.3%)
  • Ghost Train Haze:   A sativa strain with a delicious citrus and floral aroma. GTH offers an uplifting sensation, great for keeping you going. Patients report its effectiveness for depression and increasing appetite.   (THC: 0.4% THCA: 25.8% CBD: 0.3%)
  • Longs Peak Blue:   An indica dominant hybrid with strong fruity and sweet aromas. It provides an uplifting, euphoric sensation with great physical relaxation. Patients have reported this strain is great for elevating mood and managing pain.   (THC: 0.2% THCA: 18.8% CBD: 0.2%)
  • Rugburn OG:   This strain has an herbal flavor with a touch of sour at the end. Its effects are classic to an indica-dominant hybrid offering relief for physical aliments while keeping you active. Patients report it to uplift mood, reduce stress and ease nausea.   (THC: 0.3% THCA: 23.9% CBD: 0.2%)
  • Scott’s OG:   An indica-dominant hybrid with a strong aroma, and piney notes. It offers a euphoric sensation, perfect for relaxation. Patients have reported being great for stress reduction, as well as reducing inflammation. (THC: 0.4% THCA: 27.1% CBD: 0.3%)   *Premium Rolls only*
  • Tangerine Kush:   This strain offers an initial feeling of energy and being uplifted, with some body-heavy sensations as it sets in. It provides citrus flavors with some orange tastes underneath. Patients report its use in treating stress and physical discomfort.   (THC: 0.3% THCA: 25.7% CDB: 0.3%) 

PURE Vape Pen 

  • Otto 2:   A high CBD strain, Otto 2 offers the medicinal benefits of cannabis with very little psychoactive effects. Patients report using this strain the treatment of seizures and inflammation.   (THC: 5.2% THCA: 1% CBD: 32.5% CBDA: 28.7%)
  • Rug Burn OG:   This strain has an herbal flavor with a touch of sour at the end. Its effects are classic to an indica-dominant hybrid offering relief for physical ailments while keeping you active. Patients report it to uplift mood, reduce stress and ease nausea.   (THC: 77.9% THCA: 1.4% CBD: 2.3%)


  • Top Shelf Taffy:   A CO2 concentrate distilled from our Commerce City Kush flower. TAFFY is solvent-free and 3x distilled with a mild, earthy flavor making it perfect for dabbing. Patients report it initially provides pain symptom relief and mellows thoughts with physical relaxation shortly after.   (THC: 88% THCA: 3.6% CBD: 1.6%)


  • Dark Chocolate Coins:   Delicious coins of our premium, hand-made dark chocolate infused with a blend of Tangerine Kush and Star Killer cannabis oil. Patients report application in treatment of chronic pain and its use for relaxation.
    • 3-pack:   87mg THC
    • 4-pack:   60mg THC
    • 5-pack:   100mg THC
  • Fruit Drops:   These fruit flavored chews are hand-made and have a big tropical flavor in a bit sized piece. Patients report this medicine sets in quickly and offers relief from physical discomfort as well as mild relaxation of the mind.
    • Mojito:   75mg THC
    • Pina Colada:   116mg THC
    • Raspberry:    87mg THC & 105mg THC
  • Stone Hard Candies:   Tasty hard candies that offer a big fruit flavor and effective relief. Great for all day medicating, patients report these candies relax for both the mind and the body to provide physical ease from discomfort.
    • Pina Colada:   100mg THC


  • G-Caps:   A THC capsule developed by extracting all of the active THC and essential oils from our predominantly hybrid flower. An effective edible alternative for patients with dietary restrictions and provides a pleasant mix of sativa and indica qualities. Patients report these capsules ease away chronic pain and discomfort.   THC: 35mg

Personalized product recommendations

A Garden Remedies Patient Care Advocate will work directly with each patient to assess which strain may be the most effective treatment for a specific condition, and will advise on proper dosage and the optimal method of intake.