Welcome to Garden Remedies

Our friendly, knowledgeable patient care advocates will greet you with kindness the moment you step through the door. But before that, here’s what you need to know, for smooth entry:


+ Be sure to bring a valid (not expired) government-issued ID with you, this can be a driver’s license or passport.

+ Any patient that is 21 years or older with a valid Massachusetts Medical Card and ID can purchase from Garden Remedies, or 18 and older, and also accompanied by a registered caregiver with valid ID.

+ Don’t have a Massachusetts Medical Card? Start here.


Our Patient Care Advocates are happy to assist you on your journey with medical cannabis. We showcase our products in the store, but in case you’re looking for a little privacy to ask questions about cannabis use, we also have consultation rooms. Once you find your treatment, here’s what you need to know about purchasing the product:

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+      We cannot sell more than one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrate per transaction.

+      All products must leave the shop in childproof packaging.


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