Myth #1: Cannabis makes you lazy.

Fact: Certain terpenes in cannabis, such as limonene or pinene, can help create a stimulating, focusing awareness and clarity of mind. Cannabis is used by people from all walks of life for various effects.

Some patients use cannabis as a non-addictive sleep aid — helping them accomplish more when they're awake. Others use cannabis to treat chronic pain or physical ailments that would otherwise hinder their ability to do work or enjoy life. 


Myth #2: Legal marijuana will cause a surge in teen use.

Fact: Teens don’t use more marijuana in states that legalize cannabis. 

As more states have adopted medical marijuana and now adult use, we’ve actually seen the number of teens using marijuana stay stable or even decline

Cannabis industry messaging doesn’t target young people. Garden Remedies is very thoughtful that none of our messaging is directed at attracting adolescents – and we’ve seen this commitment among all our peers in the cannabis industry. 

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, state surveys of teens in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska show that after legalization, the number of students who used or who had ever tried marijuana stayed stable (depending on the state, surveys looked at children in grades 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) or decreased slightly

Findings from the Colorado Health Department show that the rates of use among the state’s teenagers are essentially unchanged in the years since the herb was legalized in 2012. Recent figures show that 21 percent of Colorado youth had used cannabis in the past 30 days — which is slightly lower than the national average and down from 25 percent in 2009. 


Myth #3: Cannabis jobs are low wage. 

Fact: The industry is blossoming and cannabis companies now tend to offer compensation on par with what other industries pay professionals, offering opportunities to work in accounting, advocacy, agriculture, compliance, customer service, sales, technology and more.

Average salaries for marijuana jobs depend on location, the sectors of the industry that are implicated and the job description itself. While some careers offer qualified candidates the chance to make six-figure salaries, other jobs reflect the American norm of compensating entry-level and customer service positions. 

According to Canna Recruiter, entry-level dispensary jobs are typically commensurate with other service industry positions.  

In the Canadian cannabis market, cultivation managers, quality assurance pros, cultivation assistants and processing assistants can expect salaries anywhere between $81,000 and $103,000 per year. This is some substantial earning power, considering the national average salary in Canada is around $51,000 per year.