Useful information for patients and family members.

What’s the benefit of using medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, unlike many prescription medicines, does not have a lethal dose, is self-administered/ titrated easily and may have less side effects than other medications that are used for the same purpose.

Can a patient with financial hardship obtain medical marijuana at a discounted cost?

Yes, please consult one of our Patient Care Advocates.

Where can I obtain a medical marijuana recommendation?

Recommendations for medical marijuana can be obtained from a qualifying physician within the state of Massachusetts. If you are interested in learning if medical marijuana would be a good treatment option, please find a list of offices that can put you in touch with a qualifying physician:


How does a qualified patient get medical marijuana?

  • Ask your doctor about your medical condition and for certification that allows you to register with the state of Massachusetts as an MMJ Patient;
  • Register with the MA Medical Use of Marijuana Program:
  • Make an appointment with Garden Remedies @ 
  • Bring your MA Medical Use of Marijuana Program Card and another form of identification.

When patients enter the dispensary, how long does the typical purchase process take?

If this is your first visit with us, you can book a consultation for as long as it takes to get your questions answered.  

What do medical marijuana products look like, and what form do they take?

Garden Remedies will be selling various medical marijuana products that are grown using organic methods at our cultivation facility and exceed rigorous Department of Public Health-approved growing protocol and testing standards. Our medical marijuana products will include flowers, vape pens, concentrate, chocolate, lozenges and tinctures.